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Daytona Bicycle Center

362A West Granada Blvd., Ormond Beach, FL 32174
Phone: 386-676-1690
Store Hours:  Sun 12pm - 4pm,  
Mon - Fri  10am - 7pm,
Sat  10am - 5pm 


Welcome to Daytona Bicycle Center!

Daytona Bicycle Center Ormond Beach, Florida selling Trek Bicycle Bontrager Accessories and Nirve BicyclesStop by Daytona Bicycle Center's new shop and check out our great selection of Trek bicycles,  Bontrager parts & accessories and Nirve Bicycles. We look forward to meeting you!

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Norm's Tip of the Day

Simple Rear-Derailleur Adjustment - Here's a simple way to fine-tune rear shifting. You don't even need tools. Look at the point where the cable enters the rear derailleur. See that round knurled piece? That's a barrel adjuster. Standing behind the bike, this adjuster is turned in half-turn increments until the shifting glitch is cured. Which way do you turn it? It depends on what's wrong. The most common problem is slow shifting into easier gears. But, you might also be experiencing the opposite. Follow these rules: If the derailleur hesitates shifting toward the spokes, turn the barrel toward the spokes (counter-clockwise); and if it hesitates shifting away from the spokes, turn the adjuster away (clockwise) from the spokes. (Always turn it only a half turn, check the adjustment, and repeat as needed to cure the problem.)

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APPLY TODAY and Ride The Bike of Your Dreams!


APPLY TODAY and Ride The Bike of Your Dreams!

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We make it easy to learn the current riding conditions plus see the seven-day forecast for our area. And, we've got apparel, accessories and tires to help you ride safely and confidently in any weather.

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What People Are Saying About Us!

Norm and his crew are the best! Always friendly and looking to put you in the right product or bike that fits you the best. Goes well beyond the call of duty and has always been there for my family and their biking needs!  Only one I will ever go to!!!!     5/27/15

I went there bc they were the only yelp reviewed shop.    I lived 20 min away but made the trek anyway.   The shop was clean and professional staff was friendly.  But, wow, expensive. Or I. Not use to bike repair prices.    $160 for a tune up and pads.   Yep.   But the owner is genuine and held the door for me and was appreciative. So that's why I recommend him.   The shop in nsb I interviewed wasn't really in it for the long haul and was closed on a sat.     4/28/2015

First time I have ever been there and it was absolutely a great experience, the staff was very kind and the facility was very neat and well priced.     4/1/2015

On two occasions my wife and I paid to have work done in this shop. The first time, it was to re-do work done poorly by another bike shop. These guys are outstanding in the quality of their work and posses the rare quality of maintaining integrity while trying to make a living. They stand behind their work and will tweek things when needed without charging extra for it.     11/2014

We rented a couple of Trek bikes from this store to ride the Ormond Loop Trail.  The store owner took a lot of time to prepare the bikes for us and fit the bikes and helmets correctly.  The price is right for a WHOLE day rental and the bikes were in good condition and comfortable.  We even met a local biker there who filled us in on where to go on in our travels.  Definitely recommend this place.     11/17/2014

We have two old bikes that Norm refurbished for us and they are in great shape. Love this place!  5/9/2014

One never has to wonder anymore. Best hometown bicycle store.     11/1/2013

The customer service of this store is excellent. On a recent trip to Daytona Beach I rented a bike from the store. From the point I contacted the store over the phone to inquire about their rental service and actual experience picking the bicycle up, I was extremely impressed by the customer service. They were very helpful suggesting where to ride. I definitely will be renting here when ever I am in the area without my bicycle.     10/5/2013

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